Changing Perceptions on ERP Strategy: The Best Keep Getting Better

Join Errol Schoenfish, Director of Product Management with Microsoft, and Kevin Prouty, Research Director for Enterprise Applications and Manufacturing Industries with Aberdeen Group, as they discuss Changing Perceptions on ERP Strategy: The Best Keep Getting Better. From data derived through Aberdeen's rigorous research methodology, we know that almost three quarters of manufacturing companies and half of companies in other key verticals like retail and healthcare have some form of ERP. A critical aspect of an ERP system is having a solid ERP strategy. Even companies only starting to look at an ERP implementation must have a strategy that goes beyond the install.

In this webinar, you will see benchmark data that highlights the following:
  • Why companies use or don't use ERP
  • How companies go about selecting ERP
  • The operational performance difference between companies using ERP and companies not using ERP
  • The capabilities that companies with ERP have over companies without an ERP system

The speakers will also examine what Best-in-Class ERP strategies have over typical ERP strategies. The speakers will also examine how best-in-Class companies manage their ERP systems in operation and continue to derive benefits through a Best-in-Class ERP strategy.

About Our Presenters:

Kevin Prouty, Research Director, Enterprise Applications, Aberdeen Group
At Aberdeen, Kevin's research coverage is Enterprise Applications and Product Innovation, as well as supporting manufacturing industry research. Before joining Aberdeen he was Director for Manufacturing Solutions at Infor. He also spent over five years as Sr. Director of Manufacturing Solutions at Motorola and was the resident expert on technology’s role in Lean. Prior to Motorola, he was Research Director for Manufacturing and Automotive at AMR Research and Gartner G2, where he spent a cumulative six years.

Errol Schoenfish, Director of Product Management, Microsoft
A native of North Dakota, Errol's 24-year career has been exclusively involved in the ERP/CRM software industry. As the Director of Product Management for the past 6 years, Errol has led the product direction of Microsoft Dynamics GP working closely with the development organization on strategy and cross-Microsoft product collaboration. Errol previously led Partner and Field evangelism for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the early years of that products lifecycle. Errol gained international experience as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Microsoft Business Solutions Australia, leading the MBS sales and marketing strategies from 2001 to 2003. An accomplished presenter, Errol has delivered keynotes at hundreds of Microsoft and partner led customer events including main stage presentations at Microsoft Convergence (the largest Microsoft customer event).