The Power of Analytics: Moving from Data to Action

Organizations today are inundated with data – about your people, their skills, their traits and performance. The rise of "big data" – a term for the host of issues that arise from the massive increase in the amount of data organizations must sift through and manage – has made organizational capacity to turn that data into insight and action mission critical. Because big data can answer big questions, like telling you how your employment brand stacks up, if you have the right leaders to take you to the next level, what critical areas of the workforce are holding you back, and which are leading you forward. Today's analytics are all about tools and strategies to combine data in meaningful ways, and deliver it to the point of decision.

We invite you to join Mollie Lombardi, Research Director of Aberdeen's Human Capital Management practice and Janet Manzullo, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, of Time Warner Cable as they discuss:
  • How the right talent analytics can help you measure the effectiveness of all of your people processes, from sourcing to succession
  • How to make the most of external talent data to inform your talent strategy at the region, industry and job level
  • The Best-in-Class strategies for integrating and visualizing talent and business data to allow leaders to make better people decisions
  • How Time Warner Cable used internal and external talent data to validate their strength in recruiting top frontline leaders, and identify the opportunities to extend that success to other roles in the organization

About our Presenters:

Mollie Lombardi, Research Director - Human Capital Management, Aberdeen Group
Mollie Lombardi is the research director of Aberdeen’s human capital management practice. She has surveyed and interviewed thousands of end-users to better understand the key challenges facing today’s HR and talent management leaders, as well as uncover the Best-in-Class strategies, capabilities, tools and technologies they are using to address those challenges. She has written and spoken about a variety of HCM topics including strategic talent management, workforce planning, employee engagement, talent acquisition and learning, as well as the use of emerging technologies to deliver HCM services.

Janet Manzullo, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Time Warner Cable
A 25-year veteran in the banking industry, Janet Manzullo joined Time Warner Cable in July 2009 as Vice President, Talent Acquisition. Janet’s areas of responsibility include: executive search, recruitment technology, vendor management, selection and assessment processes and programs, and the range of internship, college relations and industry outreach programs designed and managed by corporate human resources.